(now part of Apuljack Engineering Ltd)


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Welcome to Psionflexi (PF)

Psionflexi has recently become part of the Apuljack Engineering group.

Apuljack Engineering are Chartered Electronics Engineers and support staff with over 25 years experience in the Electronics design and repair industry. We specialise in circuit and component level design and development and the re-design and repair of original equipment that has design flaws and regular failures. AE’s core products include electronic repairs to charger units, fuse boxes and control panels in Motorhomes and Caravans with developing interests in similar Marine systems.

We offer electronic component replacement and actively re-engineer the printed circuit board faults resulting in a complete solution. All repairs are covered by our famous 1 year warranty. We are also developing our own range of products to either replace or supplement existing equipment.

Having been established for more than 10 years we have gained a reputation for resolving issues and solving problems. We often operate in markets when the original manufacturer provide little support. We are proud to offer solutions and technical help to dealers, mobile engineers and the public.