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Revo Opening

Tools Required:-


Backup your machine if you want to keep the data as removing the battery will wipe all your data. Then remove the stylus.
Use a sharp knife to carefully lift the label.  Start at the front left and gentle lift the label and slide the knife under the cut the sticky.  If you are careful you can remove it without damaging it or creasing it.  Find some greaseproof paper and stick it to this until you need to put it back on.
Now you can see the two retaining pins underneath!
rotate the pin forward slightly and use the spring hook or similar to slide the left hook the the right (towards the other pin). Once it comes loose remove from the slot.  Repeat for the pin on the right.  Now store both pins safely!
You can now slide the rear casing back to reveal the battery and charging PCB.
Option 1: The battery pack can be removed from here by holding the rear case open and following the battery removal sections below - I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS METHOD but it saves the need for a spring hook and some fiddly manoeuvres!

Option 2:   You need to remove the two springs that keep the rear cover closed. these are located right in the corners at the back of the rear case.

Use the spring hook or similar to remove the top loop of the spring from the small plastic hook in the rear casing. Leave the bottom of the spring attached to the bottom casing.  Repeat for the other side.
Now for the tricky part!

There is another small pin just like the last 2 that needs removing!  It is located just between the battery and top rear cover.  Hold the cover open and use the spring hook to slide the pin towards the middle of the machine.  These pins can be quite tight but just be persistent. Once removed, store safely with all the other parts.

Now you need to be a little careful.  The other side of the rear casing hinge does not have a removable pin so do not separate the top an bottom halves too much.  There are two small clips holding the two halves as well as this pin.  Gently prise the two apart - this is easier to do with the top an bottom halves closed together. Remove the first clip..... remove the second clip.

DO NOT lift the top rear cover any more than shown otherwise you will snap the other hinge off.

Now slide the top cover sideways (away from the pin you removed) as shown.  This should release the other hinge pin...... finally reveal the battery!
Now lift the battery from its three tabs that hold it in.
And unplug the small connector to remove the battery completely.  This plug can sometimes have some sealer on it - just remove this first.
Now reassemble with the new battery pack!  Reassembly is just the reverse of disassembly.  The hinge pins can be a little fiddly to reinsert but ensure that the 2 halves of the case that they secure are aligned correctly and they will just drop in!  The springs can also be a little fiddly but a spring hook really does make it easy!