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Customer Feedback

Here are the countries that we have helped so far:-

UK, USA, The Netherlands, France, Australia, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Canada, Japan, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Switzerland, Wales, Hong Kong, Jersey, Thailand, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Austria, Brazil, China, Colombia, Croatia, Holland, Israel, Kuala Lumpur, Lithuania, Lothian, Malta, Poland, Chili, Slovenia, Turkey.

Here are some customer comments:-


Thanks for providing this service. I received my flexi as promised and the Psion is back in biz, thanks to the excellent direction posted on your site.
Harish, USA

Many thanks for the repair to my Psion 5mx, which is as good as new.  I expected to have to either throw the machine in the bin, or try to sell it on eBay as faulty, but now I can continue as normal without the expense of a new PDA.  
Regards Tim

Thanks for repairing my mc218. It is working perfectly now. It was interesting to see the old ribbon, it requires some serious squinting to see the break

Just a quick thank you for the excellent service you have provided……..
Fitted the cable as per you instructions on the web……and the MC218’s back in action…..
Best Regards….Dave

I received your flexi Monday and tonight I reassembled the Psion, with success! Thanks for your support and it was a pleasure doing business. 
Kind regards from 
Arno, Netherlands.

Thank You very much for the service. The unit works as it should. I will definitely recommend you to friends who may have the same problem.  
Gareth, UK

Just a little note to tell you that my MC218 is up and running fine again. Many thanks for the prompt and complete repair. It has been a pleasure to deal with you. Many, many thanks,
Best regards from the Netherlands,  

The 5mx screen cable you sent turned up this morning (about a week to get to New Zealand!!). Thanks for the great pdf instructions on your web site. I've replaced the screen cable on my old Psion 5 so it was all familiar, but it was much easier having decent instructions this time round. And of course my 5mx works fine now. Thanks for going to the effort of making and selling these cables. Much appreciated.
Paul, New Zealand