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Screen Open/Close switch

There is a small microswitch in the Psion that detects when the keyboard/screen is open.  This is used primarily to operate the auto turn on/off feature of the Psion.  After prolonged use the switch becomes detached from the motherboard and no longer operates - you may even hear it rattling if you listen carefully.  .If you find that your machine does not auto turn on/off any more then order this repair also.

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Microphone loose connection

The microphone in the Psion is soldered across the PCB/motherboard and is held in place in a recess in the housing.  Unfortunately, if the microphone is not soldered exactly in the right place the recess in the housing puts undue stress on the solder joint and it cracks resulting in intermittent connection.  From the hundreds of machines I have seen almost all have this crack - but may still connect by fluke!  If you are experiencing loss of or intermittent microphone operation then order this repair also.

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CR2032 Battery

These batteries last very well but can be expensive if you get them from the high street.  I use my industry contacts to get a good price on these.  Please order these with a flexi or fitting if you want one at a sensible price!  Bulk pricing also available.

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Installation Kit

This kit is ideal for someone who has a soldering iron but none of the other items that an electronic engineer can get hold of easily.

The installation kit includes:-


  • 100mm strip of solder wick (A flux impregnated copper braid which speedily removes unwanted solder from a joint)
  • 100mm strip of very thin solder (22swg or 0.7mm)
  • 100mm strip of Scotchtm pressure sensitive tape
  • 100mm strip of double sided tape
  • An IPA soaked cleaning tissue (for defluxing/cleaning the screen PCB)

The kit contains sufficient supplies to attach 2 flexi's (or make 2 attempts on the same one!)

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Higher Insurance

As standard I return parcels 'Recorded Signed for' which has a maximum Post Office compensation of £28.  The 'Higher Insurance' option uses 'Special Devliery' which gives Post Office insurance up to £250.  Please ensure you select this when ordering if you want this higher limit.

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Spring Hook

The springs and clips on the Revo's are very small and quite inaccessible. Removal and replacement of these items is made considerably easier using a 'spring hook'.  This is a hardened steel tool with 2 hooks at either end - one for removal and one for replacement as shown below:-

These tools are also useful round the house after use on the Revo for retrieving small items or threading curtain wire.




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Data backup and restore

Replacing your flexi or battery pack will erase ALL data on the machine.  If you cannot back up your data then choose this option and I will do it for you and restore the backup afterwards.

Data Backup

You will need to backup your Psion using Psiwin before sending your machine as all data will be lost.  If you cannot see the screen to back up the machine (quite likely!!!) then try my Blind Backup procedure.  If you cannot do this or just don't want to then choose my Data Backup and Restore service when ordering

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Other Spares


Installation Kit


Screen Open Close Switch