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How to order:-

1. Complete the form below and push the 'Place Order' button.
2. The order is processed and your order number will be displayed on screen.
3. Record your order number and ensure it is both on the outside and inside of your parcel/box.
4. For repairs - Post the unit(s) to us at the address on the Contact Us page - we recommend
5. We will send you an invoice by email (this will be after we receive and assess the unit for investigational repairs)
6. You arrange the payment - Bank Transfer (BACS), Credit Card (direct from the emailed invoice - no fee), Cheque, etc.
7. We complete the repair and return the repaired item(s) or purchased item(s) to you

Problems Ordering?  Phone us and speak to one of our friendly staff instead

All prices quoted are excluding VAT.

Please choose your items for supply only (free UK shipping):-

 Description Quantity
Psion Series 5mx/Ericsson MC218 Flexi, supply only - £15
Flexi Installation Kit - £5
Backup Battery (CR2032) - £2
Psion Series 3a/3c/3mx screen flexi - £15

Please choose your repair services:- (your machine/battery must be sent in)

 Description Quantity
Psion Series 5mx/Ericsson MC218 Flexi + fitting service - £60
Data Backup and Restore (to retain your data during repair) - £14
5mx/MC218 Stylus Catch - £8
Open/Close switch repair or replacement - £16
Psion Series 3a/3c/3mx screen flexi fitting service - £60
Psion Revo Battery Pack, supply only (exchange basis only) - £17
Psion Revo Battery - Supply and fitting - £55

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Shipping and insurance options:-

Our standard shipping prices and insurance are:-


  • UK - £4.20 with £50 insurance cover - sent by Royal Mail signed for
  • Europe - £8.25 with £20 insurance cover
  • International - £10.30 with £20 insurance cover
Do you want additional cover up to £500 for an additional £7.00? *

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Additional information:-

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All prices quoted are excluding VAT.

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Problems with ordering?  Call us on 01278 588 922.

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